Ace establishes talent agency with Leroy Niemel and Angelo Bromet


Amsterdam, 10 March 2022 - The advertising industry has a tangible diversity problem. Ace believes that lasting change is created from within. Joining forces with Leroy Niemel (formerly Filling Pieces) and Angelo Bromet (Prospect Eleven), Ace is introducing the AMARU agency. A training institute and creative agency dedicated to untapped talent, at the heart of the community: Amsterdam South East. AMARU's aim is to shape a more inclusive creative industry and build a bridge to talent in underrepresented groups.

As an agency, AMARU stands for connection. With a year-long programme, the agency offers talented individuals the opportunity to work on creative projects for clients of the various Ace agencies. This will allow them to build experience and develop their talent, before moving on to other ventures in the advertising and marketing industry. In parallel, these individuals will have a significant impact on a sector that drastically needs inclusiveness, diversity and rejuvenation.

Rogier IJzermans, CEO Ace: 'DE&I plays an essential role within Ace. Establishing an agency within the Ace family that could really make a difference: this is the idea that arose with among others, Emilio de Haan and Amber Haank. We’re proud that Leroy and Angelo joined us in this endeavour. There is a truly incredible pool of talent in the Netherlands that isn’t always given the full space to grow. Individuals who may not have the most polished CV, but do have their own perspective on the world and original creativity in their blood. I really do believe that our profession has the power to make a difference.’

Leroy Niemel, co-founder of AMARU: 'Our agency stands for bringing different worlds closer together and transcending borders. From my experience, I know what it’s like to be excluded whilst your creativity is exploited. I now want to pass on the valuable lessons I learned in the fashion industry: to the new generation of young talent on the one hand, to current leaders of the creative industry on the other. I’ve made it my mission to ensure that in twenty years’ time, it will be entirely normal for my daughter to see an industry full of people who look like her. In all positions.'

In the coming months, AMARU's team will start to recruit talent and build its first projects. AMARU’s current scope of services is Cultural Consultancy, which involves strategic and creative collaboration on projects throughout the Ace agencies, and training programmes in the field of DE&I.