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Artificial Intelligence is here, now what?

April 19 2023 News

And there it was, the new disrupter in tech. AI was lurking, small and in beta, for the past months and even years. It was just in talks, predictions and experiments that we touched upon the impact it could have. Then ChatGPT came… the rest is history. Well, it’s just a few months old.

And now? What is it, how does it impact our life, influence our behavior, change our work and even disrupt our businesses? And how about the risks?

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ACE AI WORKSHOP, done by humans.

Ace offers a workshop that prepares your team for the monumental shift AI brings to the market and workplace. In 90 minutes workshop, we will show you the latest AI tools live, teach you some prompts, explain you how it will improve the speed of operation and give you an in-depth outlook in the influence of AI on racial and gender bias through our MissJourney project.


  • INSIGHTS & INSPIRATION: You get inspired by cases, examples and IRL experiences. You not only get the insights relevant for your work, you also become the smartest in the room during the coffee breaks and meetings.
  • HANDS ON TIPS & EXPERIENCE: You get to use and operate the different tools and prompts to create your own content and experiments. Feel the speed, the flexibility, but also the limitations and boundaries when working with the smart AI tooling.
  • TEAM BUILDING & GREAT LUNCH: Have a day out of the office at Club Ace at the Danzigerkade and enjoy all facilities. And, if you choose so, our chef Emmanuel prepares a great lunch for you and your team to facilitate the aftermath conversations and your team building quality time. "


During: 90 minutes
Location: Club Ace, Danzigerkade 15C, Amsterdam
For more Information: [email protected]

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