Klabu - The Amsterdam Spirit

KLABU and HERC introduce 'Amsterdam Spirit'

August 3 2023 News

Amsterdam, Wednesday August 3 - At Haarlemmerdijk 106, Amsterdam you’ll find KLABU's fifth clubhouse: a place where KLABU builds a community of local Amsterdammers and newcomers (refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants) who come together weekly to exercise. As of today, the community has been strengthened with its own shirt, badge and the short film 'Amsterdam Spirit', which focuses on the energy, positivity and strength of the members of the Amsterdam community, despite the challenges many newcomers face in finding their way in Amsterdam. With this short film, produced by HERC (part of ACE) and DPPLR, KLABU invites all Amsterdammers and newcomers to get in touch with each other and make the best of it together.

Jan van Hövell, founder and director of KLABU: `With KLABU we mainly focus on refugee camps in “forgotten crises” such as in Bangladesh and Kenya, but during Covid we also noticed what sports and games in Amsterdam can mean for refugees and undocumented migrants. With weekly workouts we wanted to bring them into contact with local Amsterdammers in an accessible way to make something of it together. We are proud that with the introduction of the shirt and the film 'Amsterdam Spirit' we can invite even more Amsterdammers to contribute to this.'

Amsterdam spirit

The badge of the new shirt features two birds, which symbolize the meeting between local Amsterdammers and newcomers around the fountain in the Westerpark, where KLABU organises weekly workouts. The film introduces KLABU Amsterdam Spirit from the perspective of these two birds; first separately and then together. The film was shown yesterday for the first time at the Ketelhuis in Amsterdam and will be shown in the coming weeks as a pre-cinema commercial - made possible by the support of Jean Mineur and the Ketelhuis.

Klabu - The Amsterdam Spirit 2

Clare Pickens, Managing Director HERC: “At HERC we believe we must take responsibility for people who have fewer opportunities, access and resources than ourselves. KLABU is a wonderful organization that brings different communities together in Amsterdam. It was therefore an honor to be able to produce this film and to dedicate it to local Amsterdammers and newcomers.'

Credits film ‘Amsterdam Spirit’

Organisation: KLABU

Founder: Jan van Hövell
Creative Director: Kelvin Govey
Creative: Tom Bird
Amsterdam community managers: Lisa Elsenburg, Mohamed Bah en Ousmane Cissé
Badge ontwerp: Jasper Gottlieb, Kelvin Govey en KLABU Amsterdam community

Agency: HERC, part of ACE

Executive Creative Director: Emilio de Haan
Managing Director: Clare Pickens
Art Director: Astrid Niari
Producer: Cherise Basiran

Production: DPPLR

Director: Mikki Sindhunata
DOP: Simon Meesters
Producer: Jimi Visser
Gaffer: Levien
Art Director: Cindy Bakker
Styling: Perrine Philomeen
MUA: Evgeniya Polevaya

Post productie

Grading: Qianwei Tong, Captcha!
Edit: Samantha, Studio Radijs
Online Editor: Laura Brouwer
VFX: Ton Habraken, Swaen Nouwen, The Compound
Sound Design: Niels den Otter, Audentity Majdy
Voice-over: Willem de Bruin, Ian Alken
Motion Graphics: Astrid Niari, Nick Fatouris


KLABU supports refugees through the transformative power of sport. They build clubhouses that give access to sports, and providing the tools to find relief, pride and happiness. Each club has its own unique sportswear, co-designed with local communities, and made available to supporters worldwide who want to play their part. Projects are currently active in Kalobeyei (Kenya), Cox’s Bazar (Bangladesh), Lesvos (Greece) and closer to the KLABU home in Amsterdam and Ter Apel, the Netherlands. KLABU doesn’t do this alone - partners and supporters include UNHCR the UN Refugee Agency and the French football club Paris Saint-Germain. Proceeds from KLABU’s own sportswear line help to fund the projects and grow a strong club of supporters. By wearing KLABU, everyone joins their club and helps them build their sports projects for refugees around the world.


HERC is a creative agency specialized in strategy, branding, and storytelling-driven entertainment. It is part of ACE, a network of leading agencies. HERC translates curiosity into action and acts as a cultural curator. The agency believes in delivering engaging contributions to culture on behalf of national and international brands with a progressive mindset. HERC is involved in local initiatives such as Klabu, the National Slavery Museum, the Diverse Leaders in Tech community of techleap.nl, and is a co-founder of talent agencies PlusPlusOne and AMARU. HERC has worked for brands such as Tony's Chocolonely, WFF, G-Star, HP, Young Capital, ArmedAngels, Van Gogh Museum, Daily Paper, Jobbird, Redline (x AṨAP Ferg), and Bols.

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