Lidl and HERC create recruitment campaign 'definitely something for you'

September 6 2023 News

Lidl is launching its new recruitment campaign today, titled 'definitely something for you'. With this nationwide campaign, the European supermarket chain aims to highlight the benefits for young employees. A flexible side job together with a great team, while earning some money are central topics. 'Definitely something for you' is the first work to launch from the new partnership between Lidl and HERC.

The campaign is released on radio, OOH/DOOH, and with three short films. The films will be rolled out on social media, in stores, and in cinemas throughout the month. The bold message 'Definitely something for you' communicates what Lidl stands for as an employer and how it aligns with the current zeitgeist and the needs of Gen Z. The campaign aims to reach new target audiences and retain top talent.

Emilio de Haan, founder of HERC, says, ‘It was incredibly fun and interesting to immerse ourselves in the world of Lidl employees. We've previously created recruitment campaigns for brands like YoungCapital, with a keen eye on what matters to young people. For Gen Z, work is just a small part of life, so it has to be fun and flexible. We’ve authentically connected these needs and the changing work culture to the brand's essence."

About HERC

HERC is a creative agency specialized in strategy, branding, and storytelling-driven entertainment. It is part of ACE, a network of leading agencies. HERC translates curiosity into action and acts as a cultural curator. The agency believes in delivering engaging contributions to culture on behalf of national and international brands with a progressive mindset. HERC is involved in local initiatives such as Klabu, the National Slavery Museum, the Diverse Leaders in Tech community of, and is a co-founder of talent agencies PlusPlusOne and AMARU. HERC has worked for brands such as Tony's Chocolonely, WFF, G-Star, HP, Young Capital, ArmedAngels, Van Gogh Museum, Daily Paper, Jobbird, Redline (x AṨAP Ferg), and Bols.


Brand: Lidl
  • CHRO Lidl Netherlands, Member of the Executive Board: Sophie Geerts Jaspers
  • Sr. Manager AMC, Recruitment & Engagement | HR: Lianne Toebes
  • Teamleider Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie: Imke Lorenz
  • Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie Specialist | HR: Myrthe Salverda
Agency: HERC
  • Executive Creative Director: Emilio de Haan
  • Managing Director: Clare Pickens
  • Creative Directors: David Diankanguilla & Dimitri Denueville
  • Creative Team: Timo ter Braak & Koen de Boer
  • Account Director: Selen Kirkagac
  • Strategy Director: Rosaline Tan
  • Strategy: Jhelisa Panfred
  • Producer: Chantal Ebbinge
  • Designers: Astrid Niari & Franko Rosas
Production: Artillerie
  • Director: Luca Shakison
  • First AD: Farah Abdi
  • DOP: Bart Hoveijn
  • Focus Puller: Panci Puts
  • Producer: Luc Hueber
  • Gaffer: Berend Holtkamp
  • Best Boy: Marten Jan Folkertsma
  • Belichter: Gino Wouters
  • Art Director: Jakolien Veling
  • Styling: Tirino Yspol
BTS: Charles Hardy
  • Graders: Jaap Beyleveld & Remi Lindhovius
  • Offline edit + Sound design: Stan Vriend
  • Music composing: Sandor Dayala
  • Motion Graphics: Stan Smeets
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