Club Ace opens in Amsterdam Houthavens

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Amsterdam, Thursday 7 April 2022 – In the coming summer, Ace is opening its own ‘club’ – spanning 4000 m2 – where teams, customers, confreres and people from the locality will be able to get together. TANK interior design agency – known for the A’dam Toren, Hotel Arena and Vondelgym – is designing the interior in the light of the new post-covid reality. All ten Ace agencies will be represented in these new premises.

Experts and the media have speculated a lot over the last two years about the role that the office is going to play after a considerable period of remote working. Following a short pitch process, Ace commissioned TANK to create a design that is a perfect match for this new reality. Additionally, we challenged the Amsterdam interior design agency to profile the Ace brand in the building while at the same time giving each of the Ace agencies its own signature and place.

Working together
‘I’m really looking forward to the cross-pollination that will occur when we occupy the new building,’ says Rogier IJzermans, CEO of Ace. ‘During the pandemic we observed that many people are able to work successfully from home on their own, but the real magic happens when people work together and when they are in the same physical space. That was the very reason that we started Ace: getting different people from a variety of backgrounds and with various areas of expertise working together on creative branding challenges. That’s when new things happen. And the new building is being designed with that in mind. In partnership with TANK we are looking at the new balance between workplace and social interaction that ensures a work-life blend. That’s because one of the concepts behind our club is to get people to interact in areas of interest other than work. And that goes for our customers as well as our staff.’

Consequently, TANK has opted for the resimercial design trend, a principle that is based on creating a homey feel in the workplace. The aim is that Club Ace will be a place in which both staff and customers will enjoy spending time. So it will be a home from home as well as a flexible work environment that complements all situations, from focusing on work to experiencing events.

Biophilic design
‘Club Ace will be a distinctive, unusual and totally flexible work environment,’ says Sanne Schenk, a founding partner of TANK. ‘It’s being created partly on the principles of biophilic design, a concept that zooms in on people’s desire to be in contact with nature. The interior will contain natural elements, to the benefit of a healthy work environment. In practice, this means that the space will have a wonderful feel thanks to the use of fairtrade materials, daylighting, plants and unexpected details, reducing stress and improving productivity and well-being. We are also making use of sustainable and recycled materials such as cardboard and wood from local suppliers in the Houthavens district.”

Positive impact
Ace’s mission is to make a positive contribution to the world in many different ways, both by what we do for our customers and by creating a workplace that is good for man and environment alike. This is in line with Ace’s efforts to become a B Corp. ‘If you want to change the world, start with yourself. We are fully aware that brands and businesses, including our own, can make a big difference. That’s why we’ve decided to become a B Corp,’ IJzermans concludes.

About TANK
TANK is an interior design agency located in Amsterdam. For more than 20 years it has abandoned basic design principles and created hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, sports schools and houses that bring people together in unexpected ways. Having roots in the hospitality sector, TANK constantly aims for a balance between exciting aesthetics and smart functionality, creating spaces that you enjoy going to and never want to leave.