Jeroen de Bakker strengthens podcast agency Airborne

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Jeroen de Bakker strengthens podcast agency Airborne

Amsterdam, February 15, 2021 – Jeroen de Bakker is the new managing partner of Airborne, the fast-growing agency that develops and produces podcast-formats for brand advertisers. Together with co-founder Marvin Jacobs, De Bakker now leads the agency.

Airborne works for A-brands like Rituals, ANWB and the Rijksmuseum. These podcasts were granted with multiple awards for their creativity and effectivity. By bringing De Bakker in, the strong market position of Airborne in the fast-growing digital audio market is extended. The ambition of Airborne is to broaden the success to other segments, such as publishing houses and audio platforms. To succeed, the audio agency also looks at the development of interactive and social audio and the international market.

For years Jeroen de Bakker was an agency owner. In the past 4 years he worked as Managing Director Product & Growth Audio at Talpa Network. He likes to combine his love for brands with creativity and entrepreneurship to successfully implement new marketing channels for brand advertisers. Co-founder of Airborne, Marvin Jacobs, originates from the field of journalism and script writing. As a creative director he uses his expertise in these fields to tell the stories of brands, recently mostly in the audio field. Jacobs publishes in trade and lifestyle magazines and regularly speaks at congresses and marketing events about the latest developments in podcasting, voice and digital audio. He is now known as “Professor Podcast”.

Marvin Jacobs, Co-founder Airborne: “With Jeroen de Bakker joining our team we improve the effectiveness of Airborne by factor 10. Now we can anticipate to the fast grow of digital audio and podcasts in particular”

Jeroen de Bakker: “We are only at the beginning of the ‘audio age’, because this medium really adds something new to the existing media range. Even more so, brands can be present with their own branded podcast at new moments within the daily routine and on new channels. Listening really ensures an effective transmission of brand and message.

In 2020 almost half of the Dutch population regularly listened to podcasts. The size of the branded podcast market in The Netherlands is estimated at 3 million euros, with a 25% market share for Airborne.”

About Airborne
Airborne is the most experienced and awarded podcast specialist in The Netherlands. With engaging and distinctive stories, we make people listen to brands. Within Airborne we work with a multidisciplinary team of thinkers and makers. We are connected to a large network of experts in the fields of online marketing, data and technology. Airborne works directly on assignments from organizations and clients like Rituals, ANWB, Rijksmuseum, Postcode Loterij and KLM. Besides that, we like to work together with other agencies, publishing houses and all big audio platforms. Airborne is part of Ace.

New: Podcasting Masterclass
To really explain the crafts that are involved with telling brand stories through audio, Marvin Jacobs developed a special podcast about high quality podcasts. You can listen to the Airborne Masterclass here. Feel free to share it with anyone who is interested in podcasting.

Afterparty @ Clubhouse
On Monday February 15th at 20:30 Airborne hosts the Next Track session on the social audio app Clubhouse. Join the discussion about the latest developments in the field of pre-recorded, interactive and social audio.